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Zeytinburnu area


It is the most diverse area in its neighborhoods, as it includes the most fashionable neighborhood in Istanbul, and the neighborhood that includes the most famous commercial markets.
Get to know the Zeytinburnu area in Istanbul.

Zeytinburnu area in Istanbul is located in the most central and lively location of Istanbul.

It is surrounded by the entrance gates to European Istanbul,

and is considered the outlet from the outskirts of Istanbul to its axis.

Its prosperity began in 1957, after the small neighborhood turned into a large prosperous area,

and its wholesale markets formed the nucleus of its prosperity and the municipality’s interest in it.

It has the most beautiful view of the Marmara Sea,

and its coast is considered one of the most famous tourist sea coasts in Istanbul.

It was “the house where Christians meet”,

as it was one of the areas that included most of the people of the Christian faith,

who were famous for the cultivation of “olive”, so the area was called Zeytinburnu.

Whereas, the word “Burnu” means the nose,

because the region takes a streamlined shape similar to the shape of the nose on a map.

Its most important antique landmarks are St. Mary’s Basilica and the Greek Church Hospital.


Zeytinburnu area


General information about Zeytinburnu area :

It is a central area, only 15 minutes away from Taksim, and 20 minutes from Besiktas.

The population of Zeytinburnu is about 320,000 people.

They are served by a full range of vital public facilities such as hospitals, hotels, schools, universities, and transportation.

The area is divided into a popular section in which the buildings are based on the old style with a low number of floors.

While the modern section of the region is famous for its real estate boom,

which includes modern buildings.

The area is filled with large shopping centers such as the Marmara Forum Mall and the Olivium Mall,

and it includes many ancient mosques with roots dating back to the Ottoman era.

Zeytinburnu district is one of the 29 municipalities of European Istanbul, which is famous for its industries, real estate and commercial investments.

But investing in this area is a different style,

Real estate prices are constantly rising due to the high market value of the area, and the high level of luxury it provides to its residents.

The area includes most of the well-known means of transportation in Istanbul, such as:

Tramway, metrobus, metro, Marmaray metro, marine transportation, and small and large public buses.

It includes the following hospitals:

Yedikule for Pulmonary Diseases, Special Balıklı Rum,Special Eurasia Avrasya and Special Sante Plus.

It hosts the following universities:

Yeni Yüzyıl University, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Endowment University and Koç University Health Faculties Building.


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