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Why are there so many parks in Istanbul?

Why are there so many parks in Istanbul?

In every region, and even in every neighborhood, you must see that green spots  next to each other, with children’s playground and some
sport machines in the middle for doing morning exercises. it is built in all the municipalities of Istanbul, so why did the municipalities give special attention to gardens?

Why are there so many parks in Istanbul?

Istanbul is the most important tourist city in Turkey, and one of the most important tourist cities in the world, so parks in Istanbul were a must.
Statistics show that there are more than 100 big parks in Istanbul, and many small parks
As soon as the municipality finishes constructing a park, it begins constructing another park.
And the parks in Istanbul are never empty, but always crowded.
The Turkish people love the natural air and this recreational outlet,
and practicing morning exercises and having fun with children in vast areas is a means
of entertainment for the norms of Turkish society.

What are the most important gardens of Istanbul?

Let’s take a comprehensive look at the most prominent parks in Istanbul, which are touristy .

1- Gulhane Park

Why are there so many parks in Istanbul?

Imagination is scattered on its green surfaces through a group of flowers that are formed to give the eyes comfort , in addition to the garden’s view of the Bosphorus.

Perhaps we can classify Gulhane Park, which is located in Sultanahmet, as the most beautiful garden in Istanbul in general.

 2- Florya Garden

Why are there so many parks in Istanbul?

Established on large areas,  with beautiful tulips.

If you decide to hold your wedding in an open place, this garden is the most suitable for you.

The park includes many cafes, restaurants, and meeting rooms.

What distinguishes it is that it does not allow the noise of the city, so it is an outlet for those who want calm, away from the crowding and annoying sounds.

3- Yildiz Park

Why are there so many parks in Istanbul?

It was built in the Ottoman era in the famous Yildiz Palace, where it was surrounded by walls to be special to the palace.
But the park opened its doors to everyone.
Where you can walk with more than 120 kind of plants and flowers.
And you can enjoy the view of the Bosphorus Strait while you are lying on this great  amount of nature and green.

 4- Butterfly Garden:

This garden is visited by people and butterflies.

In this garden, you will be able to identify more than 400 kind of butterflies,
as the main idea of ​​establishing this garden was to preserve the kinds of butterflies from extinction.
You will watch a short movie when you enter the garden to learn more about the types of butterflies .

5- Martyrs’ Garden:

 This park is located in Esenyurt near Marmara Park.

Its activities vary between children’s playgrounds and large areas for daily exercise

It is located near several distinct residential projects.


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