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Ways to buy a property in Turkey

buy a property in turkey

Can I buy my dream house while I am in my home country not in  Turkey? Is the process of buying apartments in Turkey now easier than before? Are there benefits to buying apartments online?

Whereas the process to buy a property in Turkey was done only when the client come to Turkey, and take offers of a specific residential projects.

And then choose the appropriate property for investment.

Buying a property in Turkey

But due to the exceptional circumstance that is taking place in the world today, the customer can now purchase the property online.

Taking in consideration the importance of the real estate sector as a strong and global economic market,

Real-estate field  works despite  of any circumstance, so construction companies have made the option to buy a property in Turkey online.

If you are interested in owning real estate in Turkey, do not hesitate , you can start your purchase of real estate in Turkey via the Internet.


buy a property in turkey


Benefits to buy a property in turkey online:

1- Saving travel and accommodation expenses in Turkey:

Traveling to any part of the world is an expensive and stressful thing,

so the option of buying property online is a vital option due to the appropriate savings that will be made in it.

Travel costs are high, such as airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and obtaining a visa beforehand.

And the same accommodation expenses in Turkey.

All this you can consider as discounts from the price of the property itself that you will buy.

2- Strategic offers for residential projects:

Many construction companies are currently doing imaginary offers,

This means additional discounts if they are calculated with the travel expenses savings discounts.

So if you are thinking of buying a property in Turkey for investment,

The most appropriate time to buy is this time,

because you will get the property at a price that is significantly lower than its original price.

And when everything is back to its normal condition , and the wheel of the world comes back to life, you will resell it at its natural price,

Therefore, the optimal time to generate a large profit return for you is to buy these day .

3- Take advantage of the installment offers:

Turkish and international construction companies are also at these times attracting the customer through the installment offers that they offer,

Where you offer projects with a low initial payment of 10% or less,

The installment period extends for more than 5 years, and may extend to 10 years.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this offer at the present time, if you are looking for a property for housing in installments.

Buy your property from your home!

Noor AlJorany Company makes you live the moment as if you are in it, as one of our representatives conducts real estate tours with you via video call, to inform you about the projects as if you existed in reality.

We have established an office for us in Iraq, with a full specialized cadre for you, where you visit them to show you all the residential  projects and the guarantees that guarantee your full right.

Therefore.. Buy without worry, and get a huge profit return when the mills of life return to spinning.


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