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Turkish exports to America


After Turkish exports to countries worldwide achieved historic records last year, Turkish food exports to America emerged with them, achieving a record and exemplary growth.

Turkish exports to America

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Last year, Turkey achieved a historic record, reaching the barrier of 225 billion

dollars in exports to the countries of the world, after the industrial boom that the

country witnessed in the past years. Our talk today will be about Turkish exports to America.

Turkish exports to America

Turkey is distinguished by its various types of local industries

The most prominent of these are the food industries, the automobile industry,

the textile industry, leather, iron and steel, machinery, household appliances, etc.

Germany, Britain, Italy, France, the United States and Iraq are at the forefront of foreign countries importing from Turkey,

Because it has a historical dimension and a geographical dimension that links it to the previous countries.

Where Turkey occupies an exceptional position, making it one of the most

prominent trading countries around the world,

And allowed it to carry out its industrial and economic renaissance in general.

Since Turkey is one of the countries rich in raw materials,

 and It has become reasonable to witness record numbers annually, especially with the prosperity and development of the industrial movement,

And the modernity of the infrastructure that Turkey seeks to develop

periodically in line with the new economic conditions of the country.

Turkish exports to America
Turkish exports to America:

The article tends to talk more about the records that Turkey has achieved in its trade exchange with the United States of America,

Turkey’s exports to America grew by 76% last year compared to 2020.

Mr. Birol Çeleb, Vice President and Coordinator of Export Associations in the Aegean Region of Turkey, stated,

In a statement, Turkish exports to the United States amounted to one billion and 100 million dollars.

Of them, about 120 million dollars are food exports only.

It is worth noting that the exports of the Aegean region alone accounted for approximately

30% of the total value of Turkey’s exports to the United States of America.

Which opens the door for investors to look away from the cities of Istanbul, Antalya and major cities,

And more penetration into the rest of the Turkish cities, which open their doors with open arms to foreign investors.

Turkey is expected to witness another record for the current year.




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