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Turkish city Bolu | Sparkling waves of nature.


The Turkish city Bolu is dressed an exceptional charm, with a sparkling nature, that gives a beyond imagination view, and due to this, it occupied a valuable rank among the most attractive cities for tourists.

Turkish city Bolu 

Moreover, It is the best choice and place for those wishing to

enjoy the charming nature, as Bolu is described as one of the most attractive cities.

In addition, it is an important point between Istanbul and

the capital, Ankara, as it is located halfway between the two most important cities in Turkey.

It is a city take the form of a forest with a huge plant diversity, as well as an amazing animal diversity.

It is located between and on the slopes of the mountains overlooking the Black Sea, which is of breathtaking beauty, and the purity of the water is impressive.

Turkish city Bolu

General information about the Turkish city of Bolu:

Bolu is located in northwestern Turkey, 192 km from the capital, Ankara, and 262 km from Istanbul,

The two previous cities can be reached within 2-3 hours by car.

Because of its height above sea level compared to other Turkish cities, and its dense forests and tall mountains, it is considered one of the coldest Turkish cities.

It has cool summers and snowy winters.

Last year, the city recorded the coldest point in Turkey,

with temperatures reaching -32 degrees Celsius.

The city is distinguished for lovers of winter sports such as skiing, etc.

It covers an area of ​​7,410 km2 and is inhabited by about 300,000 people.

Also we can say that it has undergone a strategic shift in the

professions in which its residents were preoccupied.

A large part of them shifted from working in the agricultural sector,

agricultural industries and fishing, to working in the tourism sector.

Turkish city Bolu
Turkish Bolu city

After the tourists discovered the charm of Bolu,

they constantly came and visit it.

Moreover , This helped the population to find a new and developed source of income by working in the tourist guide sector or in tourism services such as cafes and hotels.

Its height is about 1320 m above sea level, and it is called the

city of lakes due to the large number of very beautiful lakes in it.

Perhaps the most famous lakes in Bolu are the “Yadigular” lakes

or the seven lakes that feed each other through waterfalls to

give you a unique charm, and a very beautiful beauty.

Real estate in Bolu is characterized by an annual increase,

as it is considered one of the emerging countries in this sector,

but a prosperous future is expected according to its wonderful tourism nature.


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