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Tourist places in Istanbul in winter

Tourist places in Istanbul in winter

Istanbul is a charming city that attracts tourists in summer and winter, full of recreational activities and picturesque tourist places, and today.. let’s talk more about tourist places in Istanbul in the winter, since we are still in this season , and many tourists are preparing to visit this ancient city.

Tourist places in Istanbul in winter
Visiting tourist places in Istanbul in the winter has a special
effect on lovers of this season,w
here romance lights and winter
cafes with its warm atmosphere, and mountainous areas that are
covered with white visitors. There are also many winter activities.
And because Istanbul is one of the largest cities around the world that attracts tourists,
It deserves it because of the attractions available in all seasons of the year.

Where Istanbul is the most historically prominent city in the region, it contains many historical places

that indicate the nobility of the history of the successive civilizations of the city, of which

Istanbul was the capital of all of them.
Istanbul also includes many museums that tell important history stories in the form of pieces

and antiquities that have been preserved over thousands of years.
This is a matter that many pioneers of history from the East to the

west have been concerned with.
It is important to mention that Istanbul is the one who made its history, meaning

that the antiquities that will be destroyed are traces of the manufacture of this ancient city.

Tourist places in Istanbul in winter

Tourist places in Istanbul in winter:

There are tourist activities that you can do, whether in summer or winter,

For example, visiting the most important historical places such as the historical Galata Tower, the famous Hagia Sophia because of its ancient history, the Fatih Mosque, the ancient Topkapi Palace and the historical Dolmabahce Palace.

Climbing on a hill in Istanbul, especially after visiting the white guest who has covered the city more than once, is a wonderful thing.
Tourist places in Istanbul in winter

Like a hill of brides that reveals the whole city,

Where you can enjoy the white dress that covers the entire city.

Also, do not forget to visit the many malls that offer local Turkish products .

Like Mall of Istanbul in Başakşehir

And the Venice Mall designed in the form of the Italian city of Venice to discover the charm of this city, but in Istanbul!



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