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Tourist areas in Istanbul


What are the most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul? What are the famous neighborhoods and landmarks in this city that carry an important historical monuments and facilities throughout history? Find out through this article.
The most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul.

The most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul

If the question is: “Where to go hiking in Istanbul?”

The answer will be very difficult for people who do not have enough time to visit many areas in Istanbul.

It is a city that blends beautiful nature and ancient history.

So it was difficult to choose many areas for a short vacation.

Istanbul, which has begun to recover from the impact of the Corona pandemic,
is returning today to receive the previous numbers of tourists,

Last year, it received more than 12 million tourists, surpassing the
tourism capital “Antalya”, which in turn achieved a record last year by receiving more than 10 million tourists.

The scenes in Istanbul vary from historical scenes that have a good impact on the hearts of visitors.
Or charming landscapes that leave an immortal imprint on those who look at them.

If you are a lover of nature and history at the same time, but what is
certain is that one visit to Istanbul is not enough, you need more
than one visit to get to know more of the city’s most prominent landmarks.

The most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul:

The Bosphorus is the most visible sight of the city, so any area on the
Bosphorus will be a convenient area for tourism for you,

It includes many famous cafes and restaurants, which are located
on the banks of the strait and give you a fantastic view.

But if you want to go further into the nature of this city, there is nothing
more beautiful than Asian Istanbul, specifically the Riva River area located
in the beautiful municipality Beykoz, which is a captivating area with its charming nature.

Are you a history lover? We invite you to get acquainted with the Sultanahmet
area and its historical facilities that have a very important global impact,

Specifically, the iconic Hagia Sophia Mosque to the eastern and western worlds,
with its magnificent Ottoman manuscripts and the fragrant history of Byzantine and Roman civilization within it.

Wait for us in another series of articles on the best tourist areas of Istanbul.
We will list other areas for you and explain them in detail.



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