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Tourism investment’s importance in Turkey

Tourism investment's importance in Turkey

Turkey is located in a fundamental geographic location that enabled it to occupy high levels in all active investment fields around the world, the most important field is the  tourism investment field, lets know about Tourism investment’s importance in Turkey .

Tourism investment’s importance in Turkey

Tourism investment in Turkey is one of the most vital and important investments ,

due to several factors that qualified it to enter the club of major tourist countries.

Turkey has prominent tourist components, the most important of which is the distinctive historical element,

The historical features in Turkey , is one of the tourist components prominent factors .
Tourism investment's importance in Turkey

The greatness of the  civilizations in Turkey is also a main motive for its tourism wheel,

Where the Persian, Byzantine, Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations passed through,

All of them took Turkey as the main center of their historical rule.

Tourism investment's importance in Turkey

General information about Tourism investment’s importance in Turkey :

Turkey ranks sixth in the world in terms of receiving tourists,

and there are a large number of tourists who prefer to visit it over others on all their annual holidays.

Turkey receives approximately 50 million tourists annually,

if we exclude the year 2020, which restrictions were imposed on the tourism sector in all countries around the world.

Turkey has smashed important tourism level numbers this year, after a bad year for the tourism sector.

Since the beginning of the year, Antalya alone has received more than 6 million tourists,

most of them were Russians.

While a study was prepared on the preferred destination for British tourists, the majority of them answered that Turkey is their preferred destination in 2021, as well as in the upcoming 2022.

As for Russian tourists, they prefer tourism in Turkey over others due to its wonderful climate and beautiful beaches.

Istanbul has won the award for the best European city for tourism, according to the famous American “Travel and Leisure” magazine.

Because it contains a large number of historical buildings such as the Hagia Sophia Mosque and Galata Tower.

Reuters International News Agency also said that Arab tourists prefer to choose Turkey as a permanent tourist destination due to several reasons

The most important of them is the historical and geographical convergence between Turkey and the Arab region.

The agency stated in a report that the tourism sector contributes 12% of Turkey’s economic income.

Foreign investors can invest in tourism in Turkey by opening powerful tourism companies in Turkey that provide various services such as tourist guides and so on.

It is also possible to invest in real estate in tourism by buying real estate in Turkey in tourist areas and renting them out as hotel apartments.


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