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Title deed in Turkey

tabu ed

The most document that gives real estate security to investors
The investment advantages in Turkey vary, whether through the profit returns that accrue to the investor or other logistical advantages.
Where there is a high rate of financial and real estate security, for example: Tapu in Turkey, which preserves the real estate rights of the new owner.

Title deed in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that receives foreign investment, which in one way or
another expresses the growth of the local economy.

The more foreign investment, the higher the foreign currency, the higher the labor rates
and the lower the unemployment rates in the country.

In the latest report published by Anadolu Agency, it confirmed a decrease in the unemployment
rate by 4.5% compared to last year,

These indicators mean that the Turkish economy is proceeding at its normal rates,
and that it has begun to recover its previous recovery.

Title deed in Turkey
Real estate and title deed in Turkey:

The Turkish Real Estate Promotion Association Abroad confirmed that an increase in the proportion of real estate sales in Turkey has occurred by 24.9% over last year.
The association indicated that the rate of decrease in real estate sales last year amounted to only 10%,
This means that the percentage of real estate sales in the first 6 months compared to 2019 is 14.9%.
These percentages confirm that the Turkish economy is on its way to leadership and recovery,and that the effects of the Corona pandemic are nothing but a “summer cloud” and will pass.

You often ask: What is tapu in Turkey?

The title deed in Turkey, or the title deed of real estate, is a term used for what is known in some Arab countries as “the real estate registry.”
It is the legal and official registration department of land and real estate from an old owner to a new owner.
The Tapu document in Turkey is the highest real estate security document in Turkey,
Where it legally preserves the right of the new owner to keep his property alive or dead.

Title deed in Turkey
General information about Tapu(title deed):

The Tapu document in Turkey is only given to the real owner of the property or his legal agent if he is outside Turkey, and it is not given to the tenant .
In the event that the property is registered in the Tapu Document by more than one name,
Only one copy is issued, indicating the percentage of each owner of his share in the property.

There are types of tabu:

Such as the agricultural title deed, which is the title deed of real estate whose owner may perform any agricultural work or animal activity, such as raising poultry or livestock in general. This type is known as the blue tabu, due to its blue color of course.

Also the red taboo:
It is for real estate that represents residential units such as houses, villas, homes and offices.
An investor who wants to buy a property in Turkey should not ignore the value of the title deed, as it is not symbolic.
Where it amounts to 4% of the property value.
The real estate appraisal document is one of the most important conditions for obtaining a title deed, and the title deed in itself is an essential element in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.


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