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Title deed importance in Turkey


The importance of title deed in Turkey is that it is the most prominent legal guarantee on real estate property in Turkey. If the property is registered in your name with the Turkish Ministry of Property, this means that it is impossible to be defrauded.

Since everyone is aware of Title deed importance in Turkey ,

they take the  title deed in consideration since the beginning of the property purchase process,

If the property is not suitable for the title deed, the majority of investors will withdraw,

except in some specific cases.

The financial security of the property is the most important reason for foreign investors to own property in the country.

The Title deed is an official governmental document that proves the buyer’s ownership of the property

after its registration and the implementation of the procedures to the letter in a serial purchase process,

provided that the property meets the conditions of the Title deed.

The real estate law that stimulates investors is a key factor in attracting them to this type of investment because of its material benefits and unmaterial benefits.

Where the profitable financial returns sometimes reach 30% if the property is commercial,

Among the unmaterial  benefits is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship

if the buyer purchases real estate worth 250 thousand US dollars

And keeping the real estate for a period of 3 years,

during which the investor can benefit from it as an investment by leasing it and cannot sell it.

Turkey is considered one of the most important markets in the world in real estate investment,

after it witnessed a comprehensive renaissance in 20 years.

Infrastructure has developed remarkably,

along with real estate, public facilities, service facilities, energy resources, and so on.


Title deed importance in Turkey


Title deed importance in Turkey .

If you obtained a Title deed in Turkey,

it means that you have gone through many procedures within the process of purchasing a property in Turkey,

One of the most important of these procedures is to obtain a real estate appraisal paper.

Previously, this paper was limited to transactions related to Turkish citizenship.

However, when the government found innumerable benefits as a result of imposing this document,

They decided to generalize it to include all sales and purchases of real estate in Turkey,

even if it is for those who do not wish to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Hence the importance of the title deed,

as it does not leave any incoming and outgoing unless it is managed well,

to prevent investors from falling victim to fraud.


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