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Real estate investment in the Turkish city Yalova

the Turkish city Yalova

The Turkish city Yalova derives its importance from itself, first of all, as it is an attractive city, and from its geographical location, which made it close to the most important cities of Turkey, “Istanbul”.

the Turkish city Yalova

Yalova is considered one of the leading cities in the real estate sector in Turkey, as it has witnessed a record vitality during the previous years.

As an infrastructure, the city hosts very important facilities from highway construction projects,

to hospitals and healthcare to the city’s educational sector with its academic institutions.

Yalova has the most important strategic location in Turkey.

Sabiha International Airport in Istanbul is the closest airport to it.

So that the distance between it and the airport is closer than the distance between the European regions of Istanbul to Sabiha Airport, and they are in the same city.

Yalova can be reached by road through “Gazi Osman” bridge, which,

immediately after  its construction in 2016, became the fourth longest bridge in the world.

But this road takes longer than the time needed to reach the city from Istanbul by sea by boarding a ship from one of Istanbul’s seaports.


General information about the Turkish city ,Yalova:


The charming city ,Yalova is located to the south of Istanbul,

and has a unique view of the Marmara Sea in Turkey.

In addition to its geographical distinction near Istanbul,

However, its proximity to Bursa gave it a huge impetus,

as it revolved around two cities that are among the 5 most important cities in Turkey.

We did not see a tourist who visited Istanbul and did not visit Yalova!

The indication is clear that Yalova is now classified by many as the 41st municipality of Istanbul,

in addition to receiving many visitors from there.

But Yalova is a separate, integrated city, with prominent tourist areas.

Like most Turkish cities,

It rolls between the heights flirting with the Sea of ​​Marmara,

to the green plains flat on its surface and the foothills of its mountains.

The waves in Yalova are not only in the sea ,

Rather, it is possible to notice the great geographical diversity in the city,

giving the people a scene similar to waves, but on the height of the land.


the Turkish city Yalova.


What about real estate investment in Yalova?


The tourism sector, which rose in numbers in Yalova, attracted real estate investors to the city.

The real estate sector become vital due  to other investment sectors.

In addition to the high status of the tourism sector in the city, this small piece of land in Turkey has become a hub for industry and export.

The city has high and promising real estate indicators, so real estate experts advise investing in it.

And their prices are still not affected by the rise that hit the major cities of Turkey, such as Istanbul and Antalya, but it is expected to rise in the coming years.

The rise in their prices later means their immediate investment feasibility. The best real estate investment is to know where the new real estate center will be and buy there.


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