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The Turkish city Izmit | The city of paper and petrol!


It is the city of a civilized nature, that witnessed one of the fastest processes of development and prosperity in Turkey. Get to know the Turkish city of Izmit with us.

The Turkish city Izmit , affiliated to the state of Kocaeli,

competes with the largest Turkish cities in terms of local industries and exports abroad.

In a short period of time, it was able to fill Turkey’s needs in many important and prominent industries.

Thus, it became one of the 10 most important cities in Turkey.

Recently, the municipality’s interest in the city’s infrastructure has expanded,

as it built internal roads and highways,

Real estate awareness has increased and we see high-end residential complexes there.

Izmit is also famous for its important tourist attraction because of its heritage , from the year 264 AD.

Izmit is very popular with the Turks,

and is considered the most popular tourist city locally due to its geographical proximity to Istanbul and the capital, Ankara.

It is located near the famous village of Maasukiye, and the two join one state,

which is, as we mentioned, the state of Kogali.

Its industrial character is superior in a number of sectors,

as it owns an petrol refinery and is among the few cities that have a history in this field.

It is also famous in the cement, phosphate, tire, textile and leather industries.

As for the most famous industry in Izmit, it is the paper industry,

where the largest official newspapers and magazines are supplied with paper that is manufactured in the city.


The Turkish city Izmit


General information about the Turkish city Izmit:

Izmit does not have a large classification in terms of population, as it contains only about 400,000 people,

But it is located in a not large area, which may be less than the Catalca district in Istanbul.

The city is considered an important model in how cities developed at a record speed, thanks to the government’s interest and the activity of the population who excelled in working in the modern industries that invaded the city.

Thanks to the factories in the city, Izmit has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Turkey.

Also, experience in modern sectors such as the real estate, tourism and technology sectors has made the city a higher rank, equal to the technical and modern cities in Turkey.


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