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The turkish city izmir

The turkish city izmir

In this article, you will learn about accurate details about the Turkish city of Izmir, its importance in the Turkish investment market, and its most prominent features, which are rich in beauty and freshness.

Sea, green nature, blue sky, and crowding of residents and tourists, you are in one of Turkey’s paradises, the turkish city izmir .

Izmir enjoys a unique and exceptional geographic location,

and rapidly growing investments due to its sea port,

which is the largest in Turkey after the commercial port of Istanbul.

It is also ranked as the third largest Turkish city by population after Istanbul (18 million) and Ankara (6 million).

In addition to being the largest agricultural producer of crops,

and the largest exporter of those crops to the world market.

This city hosts an annual fair, which is the largest trade fair in Turkey.

With regard to the demographics, Izmir is the second largest city after Istanbul,

and its people work in industrial professions with 31% of the workforce.

It is the third largest city attracting tourists annually,

After Istanbul by about 15 million annually, and Antalya by about 10 million annually.

The reason for its name is that Ibn Battuta called it “Izmir”, and he derived it from the Greek language,

as he called it “Smyrna”, then it was transformed and changed until its name became “Izmir”.

It is the birthplace of the famous Greek poet “Homer”.He was born at the end of the sixth century BC,

and he was among the many evidences that the city is one of the oldest cities in the region historically.

The city was under Ottoman control, until it was occupied by Greece in 1919.

But Mustafa Kemal Pasha restored it according to an agreement that established a demographic exchange of the population (Christians in Izmir move to Greece and Muslims in Greece move to Izmir).

real estate in izmir

real estate in izmir


Different races and religions:


Since the beginning of history,

Izmir has been an important for all religious denominations,

as it was inhabited by Muslims, Christians and Jews.

The Jewish population increased, especially with the prosperity and growth of the commercial sector in the city,

until their number reached more than 40 thousand people.

The Jews had religious rights and independence

Until a war broke out between Greece and Turkey,

they immigrated to Palestine after its occupation by the Zionists.

Today, many denominations and different ethnicities settle in the city of Izmir,

without any problems among them, including Muslims, Christians and Jews.


The turkish city izmir.


Information about the turkish city izmir :


The population of Izmir is estimated at more than 3 million.

The wise Belinas described it as the most beautiful city under the sun.

Where its atmosphere was unique,

and its people were kind and struggling in livelihoods in various ancient professions from fishing to agriculture and others.

Since its inception, it has been a wonderful green city,

whose land is not anchored on flat areas, but vary  from plains to mountains, valleys, hills and plateaus.

Its sea coast overlooking the Aegean Sea is one of the most beautiful coasts and beaches of Turkey.

Its geography penetrates the Aegean Sea, which makes it have multiple coastal areas within its area.

 For the population, density increases in some areas and decreases in others,

which divides the city into an investment and industrial part and a residential part.


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