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The Turkish city Cappadocia | The city of balloons

The Turkish city Cappadocia

It may seem at first an attractive title about an interesting Hollywood movie, but in fact it is one of the most attractive city names in Turkey, the Turkish city Cappadocia.. Check it out.

The Turkish city Cappadocia is covered in a unique style.

It appears as an empty city wide open, or that it was abandoned some time ago, but it is one of the most vibrant and active cities.

This is one of the characteristics of the city, especially since it is an ancient city which’s roots extend back thousands of years.

And it refuses to be just an unimaginable city, as it has risen to global platforms to attract tourists.

Moreover, its geographical nature, made those interested in photography find what they want in it,

There is nothing more beautiful than a shot of balloons as they climb the sky with the different color of the sun in the city, parallel to the peaks of the Taurus Mountains that surround the city from all sides.

It is not enough to write novels about the city to give it its right of beauty and creativity, but we take you on a general tour around the Turkish city Cappadocia.

The Turkish city Cappadocia

General information about the Turkish city Cappadocia:

Cappadocia is located eastern of the Anatolian plateau in Turkey.

It is not a city overlooking any sea coast, but it has beauty that distinguishes it.

Cappadocia is the center point of Turkey. When you are in this city, know that you are at equal distances from all of Turkey.

The city has many archaeological places that attract residents.

Such as the chimneys of the goblins and the city of Drinkio that were buried underground hundreds of years ago.

You have to spend more than a week in this city in order to be able to discover “some” of the secrets of one historical landmark in a city full of monuments and archaeological facilities.

But what distinguishes this city most is the view of the balloons, as it is known through its colorful balloons that decorate the face of the sky.

“The sky here has a unique spectacle, for it is not only an endless blue color,

And white or black rainy clouds, but two colored balloons are added to them, distinguishing them from the sky of other cities.”

The Turkish city Cappadocia

This is how the scene in Cappadocia can be shortened. As for its land, it is modern and there is nothing wrong with it.

Where it is covered with an impressive geographical diversity, it contains mountains penetrated by ancient caves, which later became tourist beacons for all.


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