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The Turkish City Ankara – The Capital Of Turkey .

The Turkish City Ankara

It is known that  Istanbul stole the attention light in Turkey in the investment, tourism and real estate sectors. But the Turkish city Ankara remains the country’s administrative capital.

The Turkish City Ankara

 Ankara as the capital, it means that it acquires many advantages,

the most important ones are the main branches of all international and also the global institutions.

Moreover,  all the embassies of the countries of the world,

which means attracting multiple foreign residents working in

various fields to facilitate all their transactions at the legal level.

Furthermore , It also has other advantages in terms of government

support, as the state is trying to make its capital the most important city in its country.

Furthermore , Ankara is one of the country's historical legacies,

because of its historical momentum archaeological and cultural .

And within every street in it, you must find a historical landmark

that indicates one of the successive civilizations of Turkey.

It is also a beautiful city full of fresh and picturesque nature,

and geographically diverse greatly,

It has a weather related to our conception about each season, that is, its summers are wonderful, its winters are cold, its springs are flowery, and its autumns have an exceptional color.

The Turkish City Ankara

Ankara, Turkey
General information about the Turkish city Ankara:

Ankara was declared the administrative capital of the country

after the declaration of the Turkish Republic, on October 23, 1932.

It is the first city in Turkey in terms of diplomatic also the  political activity,

where, of course, the embassies of all countries are based.

The population of Ankara is about 5 million and 700 thousand people,

also it has witnessed a population crawl, and a great urban expansion

due to its transformation into the capital of Turkey in the aforementioned date.

The thing that uniquely distinguishes it is that

nearly half of its total area is agricultural land.

This is a cultural heritage, as the first occupation that the 

citizens of Ankara were preoccupied with was agriculture.

As soon as the city witnessed a remarkable urban and investment

development, the residents began to turn to other professions of

great importance such as real estate, tourism, and industry.

It was the first point of contact for goods coming from or going to Europe.


Ankara, Turkey
moreover, Ankara includes a number of large facilities and huge

projects that formed its advanced infrastructure, such as Ankara

Airport, various means of transportation, and the huge real estate

projects that were built in the city.

One of the amazing information about the city is that it includes the

grave of the most famous Arab poet, “Imru’ al-Qays.”

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