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the Turkish city Alanya

the Turkish city Alanya

It is a peninsula, considering that the coast is covered with its magical charm from three sides, and it is also one of the most attractive areas for tourists.. Learn with us today about the Turkish city Alanya.

The Turkish city Alanya has a unique charm that attracts millions of tourists from Germans, Russians, Arabs and the rest of the world. While it enjoys absolute calm.

So it is the city of opposites, as it is not one of the cities with a high population density,

But it is one of the cities most characterized by international and regional investments. Investments are not directed towards one path only, but rather have collected the economy’s nutrients of all kinds and sectors, stopping relying on the fishing and farming profession in the past.

Today, the city is distinguished in real estate, tourism, technology, the infrastructure sector and all other fields.

Although the city does not have an airport of its own,

However, it is easier to reach it than it seems to you, as the city belongs to the Antalya Governorate, which owns one of the country’s most important airports, and then the Turkish city Alanya can be reached by bus within a period of no more than an hour.


the Turkish city Alanya

Information about the Turkish city Alanya :

The Romans were the first to live in the city.

Then successive civilizations took place in the city, which is considered among the important cities in Turkey.

Until the Ottomans finally settled in it and dyed their distinctive civilization in its streets, alleys and facilities.

What about its weather? Perhaps what distinguishes it most is its weather, in which the seasons of the year breathe clearly, as the city passes through the four seasons, unlike other cities…either summer or winter.

In general, its weather is hot and dry in summer, cold and rainy in winter, and warm in autumn and spring.

Alanya is located within the Antalya province in southern Turkey, and it is about 130 km away from Antalya.

Alanya has a lot of recreational activities, especially in its distinguished beach, which is the charming Cleopatra Beach.

It is also distinguished by its ancient monuments, such as the antique Alanya Castle, which was built in the 13th century by the Seljuk leader Alaeddin Kay Kubat.

Alanya is considered one of the most suitable Turkish cities for living and stability, as it is characterized, as we mentioned, by family tranquility and safety, natural beauty with the borders of mountains and coasts, and trees scattered in every corner and space in the city.

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