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The best area to buy a property in Istanbul

The best area to buy a property in Istanbul

The star of the new year is emerging with great investment hopes in Turkey, where everyone expects to extend the march of the past year successfully in order to achieve the dream of 2023 year Vision, and real estate investment in Istanbul is the most prominent shade in which the Turkish economy prosperous , and in this article we will learn about the best area to buy a property in Istanbul .

The opening question in this context should not be what is the best area to buy a property in Istanbul,

But what should be the purpose of buying a property?

Based on this answer, we will have a general picture of the best area for you.

Each investor has his best area according to his circumstances, and therefore we cannot say that it is the optimal area for everyone.

In this article we would like to talk about the best investment area to buy a property in Istanbul, but it does not prevent us from talking about some ideal areas for housing and stability in the city.

Istanbul is one of the most prominent global cities in terms of investment, stability, and the purchase of real estate.

It is characterized by several prosperous elements and makes Turkey’s economy with rising shares annually.

Among these elements is the number of the population, which is growing annually, as it reached, according to official statistics last year, 16 million people.

This number, along with the number of tourists, which reached 10 million last year, constitutes a huge purchasing power that has established a base and fertile ground for all kinds of investments in the city.

In the beginning, it can be considered that the regions like Beylikdüzü, Bahçeşehir and Beykoz are the best for housing and stability,

It is characterized by calm, family safety, healthy climate and beautiful nature.


The best area to buy a property in Istanbul

The best area to buy a property in Istanbul:

We recommend the Basin Express area in the center of Istanbul as the best area to own real estate for the purpose of investment,

It enjoys a modern infrastructure and multiple public utilities concerned with making the investment climate superior.

The region is divided administratively into 3 neighborhoods, one of which belongs to the Bagcilar region,

The other one belongs to Bahcelievlar region, and the last one belongs to the Kucukcekmece region.

Then Sisli is among the best areas for investment in Istanbul,

Because of its geographical location, which enabled many international companies to choose this region as their headquarters.

Certainly, the Atasehir district in Istanbul, Asia, occupies an important position in the investment areas thanks to its importance as an international commercial and financial center in Istanbul.

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