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Sultanbeyli district in Istanbul | A spectacular district to learn about.

Sultanbeyli district in Istanbul

It is among the most receiving  region  in Istanbul for immigrants,as it is surrounded by the most important financial centers in the city. Learn about Sultanbeyli district in Istanbul.

After Sultanbeyli district in Istanbul was just a village located in the middle of Asian Istanbul,

today it has become an ideal real estate value,

as it is one of the pillars of the Asian side in Istanbul.

Although it is not a tourist area,

It does not contain the historical monuments that illuminate the ancient Istanbul,

But it is a green natural area like all Asian regions of Istanbul.

But the most prominent feature of Sultanbeyli is its proximity to Sabiha International Airport,

which is located a few minutes away from the area.

The area is a small neighborhood in size,

But it is not so when it comes to population,

its population has multiplied more than 100 times in less than 30 years.

Its most prominent tourist attraction is Sultanbeyli Lake,

which was built to include 200 acres, and covers a large area.

All residents of the area visit it,

as it is in the middle of a central garden that includes special places for family,

and cafes that serve delicious quick drinks.

As for Sultanbeyli Municipality, it was established in 1992,

after it witnessed an acceleration in the construction movement, real estate projects,

and infrastructure under the supervision of major companies.


Sultanbeyli district in Istanbul.

Sultanbeyli district in Istanbul:


The district covers an area of 29.1 square kilometers and is among the 7 smallest municipalities in Istanbul.

While it is inhabited by more than 350 thousand people,

with a high population density,

Because of its proximity to the most prominent financial and business centers in Asian Istanbul.

Note that it was almost deserted in 1985,

as it was inhabited by only 3,500 people!

But the population growth movement in the region quickly accelerated for the reasons we mentioned.

It is also close to Sabiha International Airport,

which is located within the surrounding Pendak district.

The region has a  very important value in the Anatolian region,

being close to a large number of prominent tourist areas such as Şile, Maltepe and Atasehir.




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