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Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

When you are one of the legal candidates for obtaining Turkish citizenship by an exceptional decision or by investing in Turkey, you will for sure ask: “What are the stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship?”

Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

The stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship are inevitable, also

as you take some procedures before obtaining a Turkish passport and national number.

Turkish citizenship is considered one of the strongest nationalities

in the world, as it is ranked 33 in the world, also

according to the famous PASSPORT INDEX website.

Therefore, it also  is one of the ambitions that many investors seek to

obtain its multiple benefits, also including the ability to reach 105 countries

around the world without the need for an entry visa or through a visa

obtained by the Turkish passport holder upon arrival.

It also provides access to the rest of the world, which requires obtaining

a visa on easy terms under other agreements Turkey has concluded with those countries.
Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship can be obtained through several methods, such as:

1- The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real

estate investment by purchasing real estate worth 250 thousand dollars.

2- Through a bank deposit of half a million US dollars in a Turkish bank.

3- Legal residence in Turkey under a contract or work permit for a period of 5 years.

4- Marriage to a Turkish citizen.

5- Establishing an investment project with 500 thousand dollars.

6- Establishing an investment project that employs more than 50 Turkish citizens.

If you are one of those who meet these conditions, complete the article with us.

View of Istanbul with the Bosphorus bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey

Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

1- First stage:
It is the stage of submitting the application and papers to the
Turkish (ades kayit ) Department where the application for Turkish citizenship is submitted.
Papers are subject to scrutiny before moving on to the next stage.


2- The second stage:
It is the stage of sending the papers that you have submitted
to the Department of address to the relevant General Directorate in Ankara for review .


3- The third stage:
The stage of preliminary examination of the file, before entering
the fourth stage, which is the most important stage of Turkish citizenship.


4- Fourth stage:
You are here in the most important stage of obtaining
Turkish citizenship, as a comprehensive search is conducted
on the papers and a full audit of the applicant is made.
At this stage, it usually takes a long time to complete it,
as all the data about the person is collected and the person is whether
considered suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship or not.


5- The fifth stage:
It is also  the transitional phase to the fourth phase, where the
review and evaluation are completed, and the file is entered
into the naturalization list for approval by the Council of Ministers.


6- Sixth stage:
The papers are prepared for the final signature of the
decision to issue Turkish citizenship for the applicant.


7- The seventh stage:
“Congratulations, you have become a Turkish citizen.” This is the
message that you will receive in the seventh stage
after the decision is signed by the competent authorities.



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