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Specifications of the ideal property in Turkey

Specifications of the ideal property in Turkey

Because of the diversity of real estate options in Turkey, it has become difficult to determine “supernatural” specifications for real estate among competing companies, because most real estate is already perfect, and this is the secret of competition between companies.

Specifications of the ideal property in Turkey

Despite the extreme caution regarding the specifications of the ideal property in Turkey,

Because of the decline of some companies that carry out some means that would defraud real estate in Turkey,

However, thanks to our long experience with Noor Al-Jorany’s Real Estate Investment and entrepreneurship Company in Turkey,

we were able to know the property from the name of the construction company and distinguish whether it is a suitable property for investment or if there are any illegal spots !

Turkey is distinguished by the fact that it has become one of the best countries around the world in real estate investment today.

As it was able to occupy the leadership of European countries last year, with the number of properties sold, about one million and 500 thousand properties.

Followed by the United Kingdom with a million and 300 thousand properties.

This number did not come out of nowhere.

Real estate laws that are updated periodically to ensure the interest of the foreign and local client,

And the interest of the state at the same time positively affected the sequence of real estate sales and increased its momentum recently.

In addition to Turkey breaking its records in terms of real estate sales to foreigners last year

Having sold more than 68 thousand properties in various Turkish cities

On top of it is Istanbul, which is one of the largest global cities in attracting foreign investors.

And when we talk here about the specifications,

we are not only talking about the data that construction companies must pay attention to legally,

Rather, we follow the progress of the integrated and additional construction processes by companies in order to make their property the best in Turkey,

These are additional features to consider.


Specifications of the ideal property in Turkey

Specifications of the ideal property in Turkey :

First, the construction companies consider that the external engineering design element must be creative and its idea is creative,

because the most important thing that the customer looks at is the exterior,

and of course the quality of the building materials used cannot be neglected, as it will not be able to compete as a construction company without using high-quality building materials.

The construction companies are also challenging among themselves to make their property in a strategic geographical location,

so that some construction companies have extended their project with a metro network that reaches the nearest metro station,

which belongs to the Greater Istanbul Municipality.


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