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Silivri district in Istanbul

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Silivri district in Istanbul

We are talking about the Silivri district in Istanbul, one of the neighborhoods of Istanbul.
Silivri district is one of the regions that contains within it an authentic history, whose roots
go back centuries in the Byzantine and Roman periods.

As this area was one of the most famous areas in the city (Constantinople), known today as Istanbul.
This area expanded step by step until its area became ​​a large city.

Silivri district in Istanbul

What do you know about Silivri district in Istanbul?

Silivri district is located in Istanbul, in the western side of Istanbul
It is the furthest point in its size and population.
It is bordered by BÜYÜKÇEKMECE in the east,
from the north, ÇATALCA district ,
from the west are the areas ÇORLU and Marmara EREĞLI,
and the state of TEKIRDA«, and from the south by the Sea of ​​Marmara.
Also this district is a prominent address of tranquility.
Where, despite its large size, it is considered a low population density.
It is inhabited by nearly 200 thousand people.
Whereas, the Greater Istanbul Municipality plans to move 6 million residents to the west
of the city, so that the municipality of Silivri includes the largest number of residents.

Silivri is about 65 km from the center of Istanbul.
An hour’s worth of time if you decide to go to it with your own car or “taxi.”

Infrastructure in Silivri district in Istanbul:

Recently, Istanbul municipality has increased its interest in Silivri, especially in its infrastructure.
It has allocated about 400 buses to transport residents to and from this area.
It also developed a plan (pending implementation) to connect it to a metro station with the
rest of Istanbul, where it will reach Taksim and the Asian side of the city.

With the opening of the metro station, the desire for investment in the area will increase,
as residents will increase their demand for this area of ​​Istanbul.

in additon to that It also opened highways, tunnels and bridges in the area.
And provided it with transmitting stations in order to strengthen the telephone lines and the Internet.
Silivri district of Istanbul includes a number of private and government hospitals,
sports clubs, and a number of recreational facilities.

Silivri district in Istanbul

Real estate in Silivri, Istanbul:

It is one of the cheapest units in Istanbul, despite the urban expansion in it, but it still has a good price rate.
With the completion of the Istanbul Water Canal project, it is expected that the region
will witness a double increase in prices, due to the strategic and investment value of the canal.

Real estate in Silivri, Istanbul, is known for its villas, farmland and buildable land styles.


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