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Şile district Istanbul | Least populated areas of Istanbul

Şile district Istanbul

Şile area in Istanbul has pure tourist characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of Istanbul. You must have read an advertisement previously about “ Şile and Agua Journey ”.

Şile district Istanbul is one of the very important tourist areas,

which is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, and it is one of its 40 municipalities.

The area is unique, covered with green spaces,

and integrated with the wonderful heights and slopes,

in an artistic painting god made , that attracts any eye that sees it.

Also, its proximity to Istanbul Airport, which is located in the large Pendik area, which bounds it from the south,

Making it a prominent tourist place and an important stop for those wishing to invest in real estate in building hotels, etc.

With the acceleration of tourism investment in the region, real estate investment has become accelerating,

as both investments stimulate each other.

In the past, the region depended entirely on fishing and industry, as the main occupations of its inhabitants.

But with the development that Istanbul has witnessed in infrastructure and non-traditional professions,

the region has become a region dependent on a modern economies.

What confirms its importance in tourism is the doubling of its population during the summer period,

This means that people want to spend their holidays in the area, both local and foreign.

Many visitors also own properties in the area, which they use to spend their holidays,

as we have mentioned.


Şile district Istanbul


Şile district in Istanbul:

Şile district in Istanbul, was named a municipality (province) in 2007,

after increasing interest in it from the investment side.

Where the province, which includes a number of rural villages,

is considered very beautiful and splendid,

Thanks to its charming nature and its coast overlooking the wonderful Black Sea.

It has a population of about 30 thousand,

of whom 10 thousand live in Şile and about 3,000 live in the famous village of Agua,

which is part of the municipality of Şile.

The area is located near Pendik and Sabiha International Airport,

70 km from Taksim, the center of Istanbul,

and about 55 km from the famous Bosphorus Strait.

Today, the region is considered suitable for real estate investment.


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