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Sariyer district in Istanbul | magical beauty

Sariyer district in Istanbul

Sariyer is one of  the most valuable municipalities, as it is strategically located overlooking the Bosphorus and the Black Sea..

 Learn about Sariyer district in Istanbul .

Sariyer is considered as the most beautiful area in Istanbul,

as the geographical features of the region vary from mountains, hills, and elegant sea coasts.

It also takes the form of paradise in its best suits,

where green nature, forests and the calm musical sounds of birds are spread over it.

Wealthy people  considered it a destination for their real estate investments and a remarkable tourist park,

due to the many activities that can be done in the area.

Despite the tourist noise that crosses the area in many places,

you will feel a faint calm if you decide that Sariyer is your ​​residence place .

According to what rich people prefer , they usually like to live in the quietest places.

It was given this name ( Sariyer ), according to the gold coin that the wealthy have been using in the country ,

and the word sari means yellow in Turkish.

Or it may mean, according to its other division, “Sari-Yar” meaning the mountain on the cliff.

witnessing a unique phenomenon where the mountain overlooks the Bosphorus escarpment in a landscape rich in beauty.

Its history experienced an great transformation ,

as it moved from a mere amusement park for the rich,

to the main residences for the  wealthy of the 18th and 19th century to this day.


Sariyer district in Istanbul.


Learn about Sariyer district in Istanbul 


The region is located north of the Bosphorus and European Istanbul,

bordered from the east by the Bosphorus Strait, the north by the Black Sea,

the west by the Eyup and Kağıthane regions, and to the south by the regions of Sisli and Besiktas!

The population of Sariyer district is about 300,000 people,

spread over a large area equivalent to 161 square kilometers.

The district includes 9 divisions containing 38 districts.

Sariyer  is famous for its many ancient universities,

as it contains the first American academic institute built abroad,

as well as other ancient academic institutions.

It is also comprehensively serviced in all aspects of life,

as it hosts the largest hospitals, health institutes and recreational areas.

It is also characterized by easy access to and from the area,

as it is saturated with transportation and communications.

Real estate in Sariyer district is typical and modern,

as it is the most impressive in terms of engineering design and impervious resistance to earthquakes and disasters.


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