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Sancaktepe district in Istanbul | The city of the future


Sancaktepe is considered one of the leading areas in the real estate sector for several reasons, one is that it is located in an amazing geographical location..

Sancaktepe district in Istanbul enjoys ideal real estate conditions,

which classified it as one of the brightest areas in the real estate sector,

thanks to its large number of high-end residential complexes.

In addition to owning many prominent tourist attractions,

which have worked to attract tourists to it constantly.

Sancaktepe is located in the Asian side of Istanbul,

drawing the spirit of the Asian side and its breathtaking natural beauty on wide green areas, forests and enormous geographical diversity.

As the area is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the Asian section of the city,

it has very beautiful and splendid heights.

Its most important tourist attractions are the pashakoy Al-Rumi Cave,

which is filled with mystery and confusion, and the Shafkanhak Osta spring, which has a charming view.

The area is distinguished as one of the distinctive tourist destinations for lovers of camping and barbecue trips,

where many recreational activities can be carried out.


Sancaktepe district in Istanbul


Get to know the Sancaktepe district in Istanbul:

Sancaktepe is bordered on the western side by the Atasehir and Umraniye districts,

from the east by the Pendik and Sultanbeyli districts, from the north by Cekmekoy district,

and from the south by the Kartal and Maltepe districts.

The area has secured a place among the strongest real estate

and urban areas thanks to the rapid development that the area

has witnessed since it was declared a municipality in 2008.

It has become a target for major construction companies dreaming of building high-end residential complexes and looking for a suitable area.

The area has all the basic services important to life,

as it is filled with hospitals, schools, universities, other academic institutions.

It also includes many means of transportation that make transportation from one region to another easy,

Where residents can easily go to the Catalca and Silivri area,

due to the huge network of transportation in the region.

It is one of the areas with a high population density.

The area covers 63 square kilometers and is inhabited by more than 500,000 people.

Sancaktepe district is divided into 4 parts comprising 19 districts.

If you want to own real estate, make this area one of your priorities for purchasing,

as it is an integrated and rapidly developing investment area.



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