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Required documents to buy a property

Required documents to buy a property

If you are in the process of buying a property in Turkey, you are taking one of the most important steps and strategic decisions in your life, as buying a property that is known to be the most expensive commodity in the world is a key to a completely new life style, so we invite you to read this article that will explain to you the way and the required papers to buy a property in Turkey.

Required documents to buy a property in Turkey

Required documents to buy a property
What are the required documents to buy a property in Turkey?

before we talk about the papers required for purchase,
We will talk about a first step that will have an important role in the overall purchasing process,
It is the step of agreeing with a real estate agency company in order to help you search for the perfect property.

The work of the real estate company is not limited to this point.
Rather, it make sure and helps you obtain the necessary papers to buy a property in Turkey legally and clearly.
And when you reach the best real estate option you desire , after you have made a real estate tour on a number of options,
then the process of preparing the documents required to complete your purchase of the property begin.

In this section, we should remind the reader of the importance of the real estate sector as an
extension of the modernity and development of the infrastructure in Turkey,which has
received very important attention since 2000 when the first modern infrastructure building was
built in Turkey, Sabiha International Airport.

As a result Turkey took the lead in European real estate sales with about 1.5 million real estate
units, including 58,000 properties for foreigners last year.

Required documents to buy a property
What are the required documents to buy a property in Turkey?

After the real estate tour that you have made, and your settlement on a specific
property that you have found what you want to buy,

Issue what is known as the “real estate appraisal paper”, which since 2019 has become
a required paper for all those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey after it was exclusively
for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship from real estate ownership.

And make sure that the real estate appraisal paper matches the price of the real property,

In order to not get manipulated and drawn into the deception of some companies,
Eventually the government will find out and you may be harmed by this fraud.
Then sign the initial contract between you and the owner or construction company,
Then you will be able to apply for the official Tapu Document. Which means that you own the property safely and securely.


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