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Realestate appraisal in Turkey


The economic value of the state is measured by the amount of foreign investments resulting from a certain level of financial security, which the government offers guarantees on the investors’ money.

Realestate appraisal in Turkey.
When we talk about the real estate appraisal in Turkey or real estate valuation,
We are talking about the most important financial guarantor for the foreign
investor before he buys the most important and most valuable commodity, which is real estate in Turkey.

And investors in Turkey have areas other than real estate in Turkey, for example, there are many investments in the tourism sector in Turkey,
Medical tourism, medical fields in general, and the industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors.

The sale of real estate in Turkey is increasing at amazing rates annually,
Since the issuance of the decision to allow foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey in 2012,
The law represented the necessary impetus in order

to increase the attraction of foreign investors to the country.
And in 2018, another decision was issued that strengthened

the process of selling real estate in Turkey,
It is a law to reduce the amount imposed in order to obtain.

Turkish citizenship, as a foreign investor could obtain Turkish

citizenship in exchange for buying real estate in Turkey worth

one million US dollars, but it was reduced under this law to 250 thousand US dollars.
The government enacted with him a number of decisions related to obtaining Turkish citizenship,
The most important of these decisions is that it is not permissible

to sell real estate for a period of no less than 3 years, but the investor

can rent the property and benefit from the proceeds of its rental.

Realestate appraisal in Turkey.

Benefits of real estate appraisal in Turkey:

Who benefits the most? Turkish government or foreign investors?
The greatest benefit from the real estate appraisal law in Turkey cannot be limited to one of the two parties,
Especially nowadays, both parties are equally benefiting.
Perhaps before generalizing the real estate appraisal in Turkey to any property that a foreigner buys exclusively when it was only for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship,
The government was the biggest beneficiary.
However, the government made the law more comprehensive,
Where it included every foreign investor who wants to buy a property in Turkey, at any value.
This law benefits the Turkish government in terms of preventing tax evasion,
And preventing the increase in real estate prices so that it becomes suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
The Turkish government can also, through this law, control the prices of real estate in Turkey,
And prevent any exaggerated inflation, in order to keep the foreign currency flowing into the country.
While the investor benefits from this law, by preventing him from falling victim to fraud,
It now has prices that are very close to the real estate price.



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