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real estate tours


The term itself indicates the meaning, when you decide to buy a property in Turkey and have already traveled there, you should do the so-called “real estate tours”.

What does ” real estate tours ” mean? How can some companies take advantage of it illegally?

real estate tours

When the investor decides to buy a property in Turkey through a real estate company while he is still in his home country,

Real estate companies give and send him and overview about the available properties offers.

These offers are presented to him according his purpose of buying the property and to what he required( investment or residential property ) .

The first stages of buying a property in Turkey begin when the investor likes a project,

and when he sees the project suitable for his investment ambition or residential.

The company makes all arrangements to meet and take him from the airport, book the hotel, and in many cases book airline tickets.

These services are mostly free services provided by the real estate company to attract the client.

And because seeing the residential project through the pictures is completely different from seeing it on the ground,

an important stage begin of buying a property in Turkey begins, the so-called “real estate tours”


real estate tours


Definition of real estate tours :

exploratory live trips  carried out by the client directed by the real estate company for several housing projects that he had decided to see and invest in

These tours are services provided by the real estate company to the client free of charge.

What is the benefit of real estate tours?

Real estate tours supports  the  real estate company’s services and builds a trust  of the customer in it.

And because real estate is one of the most important global sectors, if not the most important at all,

the customer must examine what he wants to buy completely before making the purchase.

The client must also be keen to identify the differences between the projects in order to choose one of them to invest in.

And to specify the accuracy of the information obtained about the project, for example,

the distance from public transportation and the services provided in the project itself.

In most cases, real estate tours are an opportunity for the client to discover Turkey and the city he wishes to invest in,

whether Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya or other important cities for investment.

In addition, it is an opportunity for him to discover the honesty of the real estate company and the extent of its sincerity in the information provided to him as a real estate consultancy.

How can some competing companies take advantage of this process by working illegally ?

Mostly, the client communicates with more than one competing real estate company. But in the end he agrees with one company.

During the real estate tours he is doing with the real estate company agreed with.

Some real estate companies begin to start  in illegal deeds by disturbing the customer and making many fake offers in order to question the sincerity of the real estate company with which they contracted.

In many cases, the customer actually goes to that company, only to discover that they are fake offers.


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