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Real estate tips for investors in Turkey

Real estate tips for investors in Turkey

As a foreigner who intends to invest in Turkey, you need to know an  important real estate tip, in order to protect yourself from falling into any issue  that could lead to a big loss of money.

Real estate tips for investors in Turkey

Noor Al-Jorany Real Estate Investment and Entrepreneurship Company has a long experience of working in the real estate market,

which enables it to give a very important real estate advice based on previous experiences that have already occurred.

And you have to know first of all that Turkey is a country of law,

The real estate sector in Turkey is the most active investment sector.

As more the 2000 real estate company is working targeting all people around the world with all languages .

Therefore, the real estate offers that you may encounter are many and varied, and from here the problems usually start,

The customer goes immediately offers with  prices  that we consider “fake”,

meaning that they are illogical and have something hidden behind them.

Fraud often occur specially in real estate appraisal and Turkish citizenship,

It is one of the common issues in fraud operations.

Whereas, obtaining Turkish citizenship should be done through a real estate appraisal report confirming that the properties are worth more than 250 thousand US dollars.

Therefore, we deplore the behavior of some customers who believe in the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship for less than this amount,

for which the government has decided a clear and strict law that cannot be violated in any way!


Real estate tips for investors in Turkey



Important real estate tips for investors in Turkey:


In the beginning, you need to clearly define your goal,

Do you want to get a residential property to live and settle, or do you want to invest in Turkey?

And during the buying process, set other priorities,

Such as “Do you want the property to be suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship?” Or does it make no difference to you?”

Not all real estate is suitable for Turkish citizenship,

As the government sets a prerequisite that the old owner be Turkish,

And that the real estate that you want to register within the real estate of citizenship has not been used before in the process of obtaining citizenship for another foreign investor!

Beware of what we call “real estate foxes” who often hear lies and illusions that you can get something in exchange for giving up something.

You need to know your full rights to avoid becoming a new victim of fraud.


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