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Real estate sales in Turkey 2022


We are talking about the most important investment sector in Turkey, which is the real estate sector, the sea that blows everyone, and the river that does not dry up..

Let’s talk about real estate sales in Turkey 2022!

Experts’ soaring predictions about real estate sales in Turkey 2022 did not run into an empty stream.

Rather, it is full with speculations and data that increase the strength of its presentation and its size.

This sector has taken a high position not only in Turkey but throughout Europe,

According to the data of the Turkish and European statistics authorities,

Turkey ranked first in the number of properties sold in Europe with

about 1.5 million properties during 2021, while the UK ranked second

in real estate sales that amounted to about 1.3 million units.

And this year in particular, it will turn to become the real indicator

of the success of Turkey’s plan 2023, which next year marks Turkey’s first centenary as a republic,

The current Turkish government, since it came to power 20 years ago,

has laid its foundations and rules and worked on them in terms of developing

infrastructure and improving the quality of life by paying attention

to industrial and defense exports and giving importance to the agricultural, development and educational sector.

If you want to start a comprehensive renaissance in any country,

you should pay attention to the aforementioned sectors.

After Turkey achieved records at the overall level in real estate sales on its territory,

It seeks to continue these numbers and link them to the number of real estate sales to foreigners only,

The first tidings began last year, with a record high number of nearly 60,000 properties.

Although the number of properties sold last year in total is not the

record number recorded throughout the history of the Republic,

Turkey achieved it the year before – the year 2020, but this number is

not without great fruits on the level of achievements.

Experts expect Turkey to achieve additional achievements at the real estate level in 2022,

It was able to capture some data that would fuel their expectations

about the real estate sector and its sales this year.

Such as the increase in the confidence of foreign investors in Turkey, and the entry of new countries with their citizens into real estate in Turkey after the recent improvement of relations between Turkey and a number of countries.



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