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Real estate or business?

Real estate or business?

Do you rather buy a property or create a business? What is the benefit of going to each of these two sectors? all answers in the following article.

Real estate or business?

In fact, it is a rooted question,and usually ends with the desire of the investor himself,
We may take a long time like day and night as we explain to the businessman why he should buy a property instead of setting up a business, and we will find him the next day opens a project instead of buying the property.
But it is our duty to explain to everyone the essential differences between the two fields,
So that the investor can at least draw a complete vision and picture . In both cases, he makes one of the most important decisions of his life.

Real estate is the most expensive commodity in the world, and the possibility of making a high profit by owning one property is something we should take into consideration,

But this does not ignore the value of the commercial project in Turkey. Turkey has become one of the advanced countries in the commercial and industrial fields and in the export sector.

Especially after achieving a record number last year with exports exceeding $225 billion, and a few countries worldwide have surpassed it.

The ambition today is to reduce the import bill from abroad in order to achieve an important profit balance.
Turkey can control imports from abroad, it will become a positive thing to rely on its resources in the industry,
As at that time, you do not need to pay in dollars for the raw materials, but rather they will become available from among the bounties of the country that you can buy in the local currency,

Real estate or business?

Here we leave the matter to the investor. If he prefers a long-term investment, we advise him to go to real estate investment, which brings the investor feasible profits after a long period of time.

Whereas if the entrepreneur is looking for instant profit,

It is better to go to the trade that achieves a higher profit rate than the real estate, which in the event that it is used as a short-term investment ,( by renting ) will not return to the investor with the same percentage of the trade.

You can create wealth through real estate, and you can create the same wealth through a business project,

The decisive factor in both directions is good management, planning, implementing what it deems appropriate and correct, and consulting with people of knowledge and experience.


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