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Real estate information in Turkey

Real estate information in Turkey

No one has a slightest doubt that the real estate sector in Turkey has become one of the most popular sectors in the country and has even crossed borders and has become one of the largest sectors globally .. Learn more real estate information in Turkey with us before buying real estate in Turkey.

Real estate information in Turkey

If you are taking this step, you need to know some real estate issues in Turkey in
order to enter the sector with sufficient knowledge about real estate and all its affairs.

With Noor Al-Jorany’s Company for Investment and Entrepreneurship,
we present to you this important article for those wishing to own apartments in Turkey,

We are waiting to receive your questions in the real estate matter or in any field in Turkey.

Since the beginning of its renaissance in the new millennium, Turkey has
worked to develop infrastructure in a way that suits and entice investors to pump their money into the country.

This is exactly what was done, as real estate in Turkey witnessed a remarkable development
in its styles with unrivaled modernity and elegant designs that made it one of the most important
countries around the world in the real estate aspect.

It is worth noting that real estate prices in Turkey are constantly rising at an annual level,
This means guaranteed investments for those who invest at any time in real estate,

As it is certain that prices will rise, only Turkey ranked first in the world in 2020 in the rate of
increase in real estate prices, surpassing New Zealand and America, which have been always
guaranteed first and second places in their “pocket”.

But Turkey as soon as it broke into this arrangement due to the
acceleration of the real estate investment process in Turkey.

Real estate information in Turkey
Real estate information in Turkey:

One of the most important things that investors should know is what is known as “the real estate appraisal paper in Turkey”
It is a paper that only required for those who wish to buy real estate in Turkey for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship

In order to specifically determine the value of real estate, is it really commensurate with the price required to buy in order to obtain Turkish citizenship?
But the Turkish government circulated this paper and made it required for every foreigner who wants to buy real estate in Turkey

In order to control real estate prices and to prevent exaggerated inflation at times. You should also know “Tabu ”, which are highly reliable bond for those wishing to own a property in Turkey. If you obtain this bond, it means that you have guaranteed the property 100%.


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