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Real estate in Turkey l Reasons to buy a property .

Real estate in Turkey l Reasons to buy a property .

Turkey takes you to a unique and exceptional investment journey, where it brings you profitable returns to complete satisfaction,because of its multiple advantages in the investment field.

Real estate in Turkey l Reasons to buy a property .
Owning real estate in Turkey is one of the important investment sectors in the country,

after it was also reinforced by the laws of the Turkish government, which are constantly

being amended in favor of the investors.

Turkish law also allowed the foreigners to own real estate in Turkey,

With placing some restrictions on specific types of real estate, such as agricultural

lands, the state requires its owner to be cultivated and not left empty.

Many cities in Turkey are known for the high rate real estate selling.

Istanbul has always won the trust of real estate investors.

This year and in previous years, it ranked first in real estate sales.

It was followed by the city of Ankara , then Izmir, the third largest city

in terms of population, and then the charming city Antalya in fourth place.

Real estate in Turkey l Reasons to buy a property .

Real estate in Turkey
The most prominent advantages of buying a property in Turkey:

1- Generous profits at a reasonable price:-
Real estate in Turkey provides feasible profits to investors for a

reasonable purchase price compared to other high-cost European countries.
Turkey in itself is a country of high investment importance, so expectations

indicate high profits in the event of owning real estate due to the availability

of a large number of people wishing to settle and work in Turkey.

2- Obtaining Turkish citizenship:
The Turkish government has amended the Turkish Nationality Law for the

year 2012 after allowing foreigners to own property in Turkey.

The amount imposed for obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for

buying real estate was one million US dollars.

But after the amendment, the amount allocated for buying real

estate in Turkey also became only 250 thousand dollars.

3- Low real estate taxes:
Sometimes it is completely exempted.

The investor pays low taxes on the purchase of property in Turkey,

the other expanses are the title deed expenses in Turkey,

which amount to 4% of the property value.

As for the monthly also the annual taxes, they are symbolic figures compared

to the taxes imposed in neighboring countries.



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