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Real estate consultation in Turkey .. for a safe decision .

Real estate consultation in Turkey

God Almighty has made clear the ideal rule for everyone who sought a real estate business, whether through real estate advice in Turkey, or all other types of advice, by saying: “Ask the people of knowledge if you do not know.”

No matter how much you know about Turkey, you will not have enough about the real estate issue, so you should get real estate consultation in Turkey with an open heart.

The real estate sector in Turkey is the best type of investment because of the many benefits

that it contains in secrets for investors wishing to establish an investment project in Turkey.

Why should you consult real estate?

Because the real estate sector in the country is not safe from scam companies who takes illegal ways to make profits.

There are a many methods of real estate roguery in Turkey.

That was what prompted us at Noor Al-Jorany Real Estate Investment Company to write more than one article on this subject.

You can review article #1.

See article number 2.

Most of the lies of real estate companies in Turkey emerge about the illogical offers that we see here and there,

and they have increased recently.

Such as rental guarantee offers for the property under construction,

which is still a  drawing on an engineer paper.

The construction company motivates you to pay the full value of the property in exchange for a rental guarantee.

This may be lawful and legitimate business,

and it may be tainted with lies.

But in general, you pay the value of a property in full,

and even add to this that you pay it in cash in exchange for a rental guarantee paper!




Knowing that the rent will start at the end of the real estate project, and when you receive your apartment,

you will not need this paper, because you will find immediately a renter !

Delays in the delivery of the housing project, non-compliance with the conditions and other known means,

You, as a foreign investor,

how can you be sure that you are far from these scam issues ?


Real estate consultation in Turkey


Real estate consultation in Turkey.


A small amount of money that you pay to a real estate consultant who has the skill,

experience and intelligence that made him take this position.. It protects you from huge losses in the future.

Real estate consultation  in Turkey is a detailed talk about real estate, in which the client is informed of all the answers that confuse him.

If the investor wants to buy real estate in Turkey, he can consult experts who have a relationship with the real estate field. for an amount of money.

The customer can ask the property he intends to buy to the real estate expert,

And through his deep knowledge, he can give you the best advice that will determine the progress of your property purchase process.

In return, this advice can turn into a free work and part of the tasks of the real estate company if you have already chosen to contract with it.

But here in particular, you have to be careful in choosing the real estate company, and examine the trust and accuracy of the company more than anything else.

We at Noor Al-Jorany Real Estate Investment and Entrepreneurship Company, welcome you in all our services, whether from real estate consultation, selling real estate in Turkey or feasibility studies.


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