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Real estate areas in Turkey

Real estate areas in Turkey

We have to realize well before taking the step of buying a property that you are making a detailed and strategic decision in your life, so you have to wait and think at every decision and step, and the most important points that you should look for and that we will talk about in this article are the real estate areas in Turkey.

Real estate areas in Turkey

There is no doubt that Istanbul is the most vibrant city in real estate sector,
Which is the most prominent investment city in Turkey and one of the most prominent in the world,
In addition , Turkey is moving towards a specific goal, which is to enter the list of the 10 strong economies in the world.

We are on the threshold of entering the most important year in the history of Turkey in the year 2023.
Today, we are at its doors, as Turkey celebrates its first centenary as a modern republic, founded in 1923.

While Turkey’s 2023 plan is still in place, as the technical fields and military industries have developed in Turkey,
The huge development also included the space sector and satellites,
which Turkey intends to launch its first satellite in the near future.

There are many of you who are interested in buying real estate in Turkey,
Therefore, the topic of the article will take us to talk about the most important step of the purchase,
which is the search for the most important real estate areas in Turkey.

Real estate areas in Turkey

Real estate areas in Turkey:

1- Bahcesehir area.
It was ranked in the first place, as it has all the elements of life necessary to make your life fully luxurious,

Its infrastructure is considered one of the most prominent in Istanbul, in addition to the boom processes that the region is witnessing due to the large population crawl.

2- Beykoz region.
Beykoz is one of the regions that takes you into a world of fantasy and dreams with its charm spread over its mountain peaks and plateaus, and its beautiful sea views.

Real estate areas in Turkey

3- Buyukcekmece area.
Now let’s run out of the box and declare that Buyukcekmece is one of the best real estate areas in Turkey.

It is an area that includes important tourist attractions such as Buyukcekmece Lake and the​​ Marmara Sea .

Add to that some archaeological facilities and infrastructure from the Ottoman era and before.


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