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Real estate appraisal in Turkey


What is a real estate appraisal paper? What are the benefits of real estate appraisal in Turkey?
How does this paper protect you from being a victim of fraud? Learn about accurate
information about the real estate appraisal paper through this article.

Benefits of real estate appraisal in Turkey.

Long ago, Turkey was and still is a safe place for foreign investors who want to buy real estate globally.

Its laws provide the protection of the foreign investor and to treat the invostor as a Turkish citizen,

That is, if the two parties in a dispute presents to the judiciary, there is no difference between them except in terms of entitlement.

That strict treatment by the Turkish government favored Turkey globally for foreigners

and they became more confident in the country and its laws.

For example, last year Turkey achieved a European record by occupying the forefront of the European countries selling real estate with 1.5 million real estate units.

superior to the United Kingdom,

An important figure among the total number of real estate sales in Turkey is about 58 thousand properties for foreigners.

This increased desire by foreigners made the Turkish government think more about

strict laws to prevent those who tempt themselves to engage in illegal real estate acts,

Therefore, it enacted a binding report for foreign investors wishing to buy real estate in Turkey.

It is the real estate evaluation paper, which was only required for foreigners

wishing to buy real estate in order to obtain Turkish citizenship,

However, the experiment became successful, so the Turkish government circulated it to all those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey, regardless of the intention to purchase residential or investment.
Real estate appraisal in Turkey

Benefits of real estate appraisal in Turkey:

The benefits of real estate appraisal in Turkey shows all the conditions and details surrounding the property,

Where the price of the property, the type of property, its area, floor height, area, neighborhood, and address are mentioned in detail, and the type of apartment view,

And those things are basically what determine the price of the property.

After the Turkish government imposed this paper, it became difficult for the investor to practice deception methods, as everything became clear to him.

The paper also gives a great guarantee to foreign investors who buy real estate in Turkey from foreign investors,

So that they will know the value of the property through the real estate appraisal paper without price gouging.



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