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Prominent investment streets in Istanbul

Prominent investment streets in Istanbul

Istanbul is famous for being the city with the most modern infrastructure in Turkey, and it is also among the most modern in the world at the level of real estate, services and other sectors, and in order to specialize more, today the focus of our conversation will be about the most prominent investment streets in Istanbul .. Learn more with us  about it…

Prominent investment streets in Istanbul
The most prominent investment streets in Istanbul have a number of qualities that made them the leader in attracting foreign investors to them for many  reasons,
And these elements of strength are not in  the rest of the streets of Istanbul, or they do not stand out as the strengths of such streets.
The  international streets or the so-called “autostrad” were perhaps the most prominent lines in Istanbul,
because of its international position in linking cities between different countries,
this means that it has gained the most prominent investment power,
especially in areas that are within the borders of major cities such as Istanbul and others.
As well as the streets that connect these international lines to each other.

Prominent investment streets in Istanbul


These streets include a number of international and luxury
hotels due to its geographical location, which is usually central and central.
In addition, it includes other health or educational service
facilities at the global and regional levels, and locally, it
includes the most prominent universities and local and private
Based on this principle, we can now identify the best streets in Istanbul.

The most prominent streets of Istanbul investment.

In the first place, the E5 Street is considered the most prominent
investment street in Istanbul, as it is an important international street that connects Turkey with neighboring countries,
and it is a link between the Asian and European parts of Istanbul, where it can save time and effort to cross the two parts. The other street that is no less important than the first is the E80
Street, the other international line in Istanbul, which forms a path
parallel to the E5 Street. The third street in the order is undoubtedly
the Basin Express Street, which connects the two previous streets
On both sides of these streets today, major construction
companies are rushing to complete the construction of the most
important residential complexes in Istanbul with luxurious specifications.


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