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Information about the Tuzla district in Istanbul:

It is the farthest point in Istanbul, as it is located on its eastern borders, and here the total area of ​​the city ends.

It is also very close to Sabiha International Airport, which is one of the most popular airports for tourists in Europe.

Perhaps the presence of the airport near it is what

has made it the most popular among people,

as there are luxury hotels that receive tourists from abroad.

It borders the famous Pendik region, and it

shares other borders with the Kocaeli region.

It is bordered on the rest by the Marmara Sea, and the borders of Istanbul.

It is also the closest area to the Shilla tourist area,

which is visited by thousands annually and spends camping trips in the summer.

The area of ​​​​the area is 204 km2, so it is one of the largest areas in Asian Istanbul,

It is formed between luxurious areas for housing and

stability with elegant modern homes,

and other popular areas dominated by historical character and antique houses.

Its population reaches about 300,000 people, and the professions in which they work vary.

They are also served by distinguished public facilities,

from universities to schools to social and cultural clubs, sports complexes

and recreational parks.

As for real estate in the Tuzla district of Istanbul, it

varies between luxury and medium-development residential complexes.

Of course, this affected the different prices, but in general, it is considered a suitable real estate area in terms of prices. The prices of 1 + 1 apartment in the modern complexes in it range from 90-100 thousand dollars.

And in complementing the infrastructure sides of the Tuzla region,

We find that it carries modern meanings and concepts,

as it includes a number of means of transportation and communication,

Where it has a metro station to Taksim, and

Marmaray metro station to the farthest European Istanbul, the Kucukcekmece region.


Apartments for sale in Tuzla


Information about apartments for sale in Tuzla, VEMA TUZLA project:

20 minutes away from Uskudar

It is 12 minutes from Sabiha Airport

From Osman Ghazi Bridge 15 minutes

Mergan coast 10 minutes.

The project extends over an area of ​​25 thousand square meters.

Consists of 3 buildings containing 474 housing units and 160 offices.

The project includes 126 shops with a total area of ​​17,000 square meters.

The project will be delivered in September 2022.

This project has the most amazing sea view of the Princess Islands and the Sea of ​​Marmara


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