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Residential complex in Istanbul

Information about the area:

Taksim 360 project is located next to the well-known Taksim Square; Rich place with  civilization, culture and ancient history,-home in istanbul-

as it  considered as  a unique piece of heritage in the center of Istanbul and its beating heart with the fragrance of history and the spirit of modern life alike. Which made it an essential tourist destination for all who set foot on its land.

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Taksim Square and Beyoglu neighborhood – where the project is located -:

Symbolize  an authentic part of Istanbul’s history through lands and buildings that tell the history of eras and eras that  are still writing the present by including the largest and unique construction projects that preserve the past and integrate it with the present to draw a new urban model unparalleled at the level of the region.

Project overview:

TAKSIM 360 is one of the largest in projects Istanbul and one
of its most construction projects that reflects the future of tourism in the city center
due to its being the only modern residential complex located meters away from Taksim Square,
as well as the unique engineering mechanism used in its construction based on

the integration of historical buildings with modern architecture

that maintains the dimension The historical and past of the place.

About Taksim 360

The project covers a large area comprising 9 urban blocks with a height of 6 floors at the top,

containing  hundreds of units of different styles;  residential and hotel apartments, 96 library apartments with shops, an area of ​​16,000 square meters has been allocated, in addition to an indoor car park that can accommodate 1,000 cars.

Project Features:

suitable for those looking for a city center and housing near the tourist areas.
adjacent to Taksim Square, which means easy access to all important areas of the city.
investment value significantly.

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