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About the area:

Avcilar is one of the most important, beautiful and
charming areas of Istanbul on the European side.
It has great historical and strategic importance for its distinguished location and also one of the most vital and very rich areas of great projects. Avcilar is among the best areas in Istanbul, as it includes a classy social environment and an excellent living environment for families .
Avcilar has a variety, which makes it a suitable area for most classes of society in terms of prices and services

What distinguishes the region is the presence of
a strong transportation network, where there are four metro bus stations in it in addition to public transport buses and minibuses,
which helps you to reach all areas of Istanbul easily, making its location a strategic prominent one .

About Acvilar:

Avcilar is located in the western part of Istanbul,
in the European side, overlooking both the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake. Also, what increased the importance of the
region’s location is the greatest project , the new
Istanbul Canal project, which will be completed in 2023, which will contribute in turn to revitalizing and developing the region
This means that Avcilar area is one of the areas in which the canal will have a high investment impact.

Acvilar is one of the vital centers, in addition to the Metrobus,
and the investment projects built by the government in the region,
and also one of the advantages of the Avcilar location is the proximity to the main roads in Istanbul E-80 and E-5, and also its proximity
to social facilities and commercial centers as Belkan Mall and Marmara Street market, as well as the public hospitals, universities, schools and social facilities, etc., which makes the location of the Avcilar area a special one.

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