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Information about the Bagcilar district in Istanbul:

Not far from Sisli, Taksim and Istanbul’s new airport, is the Bağcılar district, which has been found to occupy a prominent position in various investment fields.

It is worth noting that this region is the fastest developing and prosperous region, as it is the region in which real estate prices have doubled the most.

Ten years ago, real estate prices in the area were less than half what they are today.

But with the boom, growth and modernization of infrastructure constantly and periodically, prices began to rise in relation to the importance of the region.

Its area extends over 22 square kilometers, and its population is about 820,000 people.

Thus, it occupies the largest areas in Istanbul in terms of “population density”, which is measured by calculating the number of residents over the area of ​​the area.

Perhaps no region is superior to it in this regard, like the Fatih region of Istanbul, the region of Gaziosmanpasha and Esenyurt.

The proportion of the population of men is about 51%, while the proportion of women is 49%, which indicates the high number of factories and companies located in the region, some of which fall under professions that require a youth component.

The area houses the headquarters of the country’s most important official newspapers, such as the Hurriyet and Win Asia newspaper.

The region is located in European Istanbul, which is famous for its profitable investments, bordered by Bahçelievlar, Kucukcekmece, Esenler, and Basaksehir.

It also takes a strategic position as it connects between TEM Street and E5 via Basin Express Street, which falls administratively under the organization of Bagcilar Municipality.

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