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Petek residence



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Petek residence

Residential complex in Istanbul

Information about the area:

Taksim district where the right investment, and high profits..

It is located in the center of Taksim district.

One of the most famous tourist and investment areas in Istanbul.

Taksim district includes the most important historical and archaeological landmarks such as the famous Galata Tower.

Which gives a unique view of the whole region , one of the oldest
landmarks of Istanbul, where it was built in the fifth century AD.

No tourist comes to Istanbul and returns to his country without passing through Istiklal Street in Taksim

It is the most famous street ever, and about 4 million people pass
through it daily , it is a very large number, comparable to the
population of entire countries on one street.

Taksim is a very fertile ground for all kinds of investments.

While real estate in Taksim is the lucrative currency for investors,
the prices are rising dramatically.

Perhaps the real estate prices in Taksim can be classified
as the most valuable in Turkey, due to its rich history and geographical centrality.

Further more , you can go from Taksim to the most famous
Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey within a 10-minute walk.

The area gives utmost importance and value to all the surrounding areas, as any area close to Taksim can be marketed by saying that it is “near Taksim area.”

In case you have thought of investing in Taksim, you are definitely safe!

About the project :

Due to the scarcity of buildable land in the Taksim district
of Istanbul, you will not find projects with large areas such as those in Bahcesehir, for example.

The project is built on an area of ​​3000 square meters, surrounded by a number of historical buildings that represent the mental
image of the Taksim area.

The project consists of 112 housing units, 15 offices and 5 shops

The architecture of the project is unique, designed in an attractive and elegant way.

While on the inside, there is another story where the high-quality finishing and the spaces that the established company made good use of.

Project services:

Indoor swimming pool


Special places for children’s games

fitness room

car parking

24/7 security and guarding

Earthquake resistant construction

sound insulation system

sea ​​views

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aised the value of the joining areas or the surrounding
areas, due to the abundance of beauty in it, and the intensity of the natural manifestations that cover it.

It is among the very quiet areas that are suitable for family life, as it has security that attracts all social classes to it.

Which encouraged the giant construction companies
to go more towards this area, and build giant residential complexes in it, which then became the best for housing and stability.

In addition to gaining high value as a result of major infrastructure projects that were built within the region or that the region included a part of it, or it is still under construction.

Where the area is bounded by the TEM highway,

It is located minutes away from the Marmara Expressway and Istanbul’s Third Bridge.

It is also adjacent to the new Istanbul Water Canal,  to be established next year, in addition to the largest infrastructure projects,
which is Istanbul’s new airport or Istanbul’s third airport.

The new metro line project connecting to Bahçeşehir is one
of the attractions that will enhance the value of housing
and stability in the Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul.

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