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Kartal district in Istanbul 

It is the area where if you drop a needle on its land, you can hear its sound, due to its unparalleled calmness. You will also feel the roar of the sea like its ear, a voice residing in your room!
The Kartal district in Istanbul is known as one of the quietest areas in Istanbul, where it is inhabited by an elite of intellectuals and businessmen.

It also occupies a geographical position that has made it a radiant region with vibrant and profitable investments and unique tourism.

It has an extensive area of ​​modern and advanced infrastructure, including stations for vital and active means of transportation that take you to the farthest reaches of Istanbul.

It is a medium-sized and densely populated area.

It has high-quality academic educational elements, distinguished by its legacy and strength at the regional level, and hospitals with distinguished medical staff.

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