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Here we will give you a brief introduction about the latest real estate project offering apartments for sale in Şişli

The fact that any area is located in the center of Istanbul means that it is its beating heart.

And our topic today is about  Şişli area in Istanbul, which is one of the historical areas rich in archaeological evidence and ancient installations, and it carries with it its folds for its visitors.


Information about Şişli district in Istanbul:


A municipality in itself, among 41 municipalities that forms the city of Istanbul, with its Asian and European parts.

Surrounded  from  the east by the Besiktas region, of which the Şişli region owns a part of it.

From the west are the districts of Kağıthane and Eyüp Sultan, from the  south  the famous Beyoğlu district, which includes Taksim, and from the north are the Sariyer district.
As a single municipality, Şişli district in Istanbul is the 5.1 largest financial center in the city, along with other districts such as Atasehir and Basin Express.

This topic has been developed in a continuous way from the dangers, and the symbol of “risks” because the danger of compromising the old buildings is the danger of compromising the history of the city.

Şişli is full of historical buildings, which represent a shining beacon indicating a prosperous and rich history.


Information about the Nişantaşı koru project (INVESTMENT IN ISTANBUL):


This project have been designed  on a different  new concept.

Its design is unique with high-level art in a rolling and wavy shape that gives a charming view of all the residential units in the project.

In addition to its value derived from its logical and strategic location in the pivotal Nisantasi district within Şişli municipality

Your neighbors in this project are considered high-class  in the Turkish community, as the sophistication of this area can be clearly seen.

The project extends over an area of ​​60 thousand meters, consist of 6 blocks with a total of 160 apartments only!

The hotel apartments have a private pool for each apartment, overlooking the Bosphorus and the magnificent Şişli architecture.

Project services:

1- Spa

2- private pool

3- sauna

4- Gyms

5- cinema halls

6- reception halls

7- Music rooms

8- Security and guarding 24/7

9- Pilates

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