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KAĞITHANE district in Istanbul 

Real estate specialists in Istanbul say that the Kağıthane district is the best for those looking for real estate ownership for the purpose of investment.
Kagithane is located in an important center surrounded by the most important investment areas in European Istanbul, thus becoming a haven for investors.

There is no one in the region who does not know how to read and write, and in addition to that, its residents are of the educated and educated class because they preferred to live there thanks to its proximity to the most important universities and academic institutions.

In the past, the region was admired by the Ottoman sultans, who paid more attention to it than others and established palaces and houses of unique style in that era.

The region was established in the Byzantine era, who saw its deep importance as it was located in a strategic location.

It also includes one of the long rivers of Istanbul, the Kağıthane River.

In the Ottoman era, more than 160 palaces were built on this river, which gave an additional majestic view of the area.

The area includes many large gardens covered with green spaces of indescribable beauty, and is also home to the rare tulip.

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