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Reference Beylikduzu Project

Beylikduzu residential complex

About Beylikdüzü:

After it was 20 years ago a transparent area that investors do not see, it has become the first destination for any construction company in Turkey.

The first option always presented is Beylikduzu or among the options presented in the introduction.

Beylikduzu is a municipality that includes many neighborhoods, and by chance, all of its neighborhoods are classy and among the elite ones in Istanbul.

What helped the spread of real estate in Istanbul, Beylikdüzü

The most important neighborhoods in Beylikduzu and where to have the most luxurious residential complex:

1- Marmara district

2- Baris neighborhood

3- Adnan Qahwaji neighborhood

4- Beylikduzu Industrial District

5- Gurpinar district

6- Kavakli neighborhood

7- Diriagci district

All of these neighborhoods are classified as high class neighborhoods, as we mentioned.



But! Why do we advise investors to own property in Beylikduzu? Learn about the reasons for the superiority of the most luxurious residential complex in Beylikduzu?
1-luxurious and modern area:

As it has become an important center for local
and international investments in Istanbul,

Beylikduzu is fully serviced.

It witnessed a population increase, especially after 1990 (the year of the earthquake) and 2012 (the year of the renaissance of residential complexes).

Which made its population until the statistic of 2019 more than 400 thousand people.

2- considered as an integrated city:

Where there is a diverse nature in the region, such as: the coast of Marmara and there highlands and plains.

What we want to convey to you is that Beylikduzu is a diverse city with its beautiful nature

Also, you do not need to go outside to
spend your needs, there are very important malls in the same region .

The most important malls are , Marmara Park Mall, and Torium Mall

Beylikduzu also has the most important international
trends and brands for clothing, food and cafes.

3- The vision of the government, investors and construction companies for this municipality:

It is natural that the government, construction
companies and international investors have a future vision for any region.

So they gave more attention to Beylikdüzü municipality .

Therefore, it has become a renaissance in this municipality during a period in the real estate side of Istanbul, Beylikdüzü.

Distances from the most important areas?

Taksim: 41 km

Istanbul Airport: 53 km

Al-Fateh: 32 km

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