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The Basin Express region enjoys a great investment passion in the hearts of economists, as it is a highly developed, rapidly growing, and modern infrastructure region.

Researchers believe that this area will become the best area for real estate investment in the near future, as real estate prices have doubled in 20 years to about 10 times!

Thus, the region achieves the highest expected profit return among the rest of Istanbul, and prices in the region are still growing profusely.

On the other hand, many investors prefer to live and settle in the area, as they want to reside near their workplaces, factories, or companies they work in.

The region is considered a major incubator for factories, companies, international hotels and famous shopping centers in Istanbul.

On the other hand, the region is the most famous financial and business center in Istanbul, similar to Sisli, Atasehir, and Maslak in Sariyer.

To ignore that the Basin Express area in Istanbul is the newest in Istanbul is to lose sight of the truth.

It is characterized by its geographical location as it connects the most important lifelines in Istanbul’s commercial artery, namely the E5 Street and TEM Street.

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