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Bagcilar  area  suitable for those wishing to buy real estate in Istanbul:


Bağcılar district, has been found to occupy a prominent position in various investment fields.

Not far from Şişli, Taksim and Istanbul’s new airport.


It is worth to mention, that this region is the fastest developing and prosperous region, where the real estate prices have doubled the most.


Ten years ago, real estate prices in the area were less than half what they are today.


But with the growth and modernization of infrastructure constantly and periodically, prices began to rise in relation to the importance of the region.


Its area extends over 22 square kilometers, and its population is about 820,000 people.


Thus, it occupies the largest areas in Istanbul in terms of “population density”, which is measured by calculating the number of residents over the area


Perhaps no region is superior to it in this regard,

as the case of the Fatih region in Istanbul,

the region of Gaziosmanpasha and Esenyurt.


Brief about the Bagcilar


Bagcilar area in Istanbul is classified as one of the most important investment areas in the city, as it hosts many different real estate and investment projects.


Due to its great importance, it was separated from
Bakirkoy district in Istanbul and made it a
municipality in its own right in 1992.


It has a pivotal geographic position which
is the first basis for being a famous district in Istanbul.


It also includes the most important neighborhoods in the city, which are a source of international and local investments.


One of the most important of these neighborhoods
is the Basin Express area, which is the most
important investment area and one of the largest financial and business centers in Istanbul.




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