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Sublime meaning of unique life in ÜSKÜDAR :

This antique district must catch your eye, with its own unique charm, as it is a historical suburb mixed with a unique natural charm.
Uskudar is the most famous tourist area in the city, because of its centuries-old mystery.

Its star rose in the last years before the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, as it received Muslims immigrants from the neighborhoods of the Middle East and was the main entrance from Anatolia to the opposite side.

Thanks to its dazzling natural robe, the area has become a mainstay demand for tourists from East and West.

It is one of the center areas in Istanbul, and everything that is located on the Bosphorus is a center.


Uskudar region
The Escudar region of Istanbul, Asia, is characterized by shiny landmarks that have made it an essential destination for tourists.

The region of Uskudar became not only a geographical center, but a magnet-like field to which the eyes of all classes were drawn.

And among the crafts of its features, it has become a dream for everyone to live and settle in.

It is also full of liveliness and joy thanks to its three hills, which have long been established as one of the traditions of Turkish weddings, to take pictures that are immortalized in the memory.

From its great goodness, to its overwhelming importance, it is what is called the proverb circulating among businessmen: “The Uskudar region .. the investment paradise.”

The region possesses rare properties that combine tourism, trade and real estate, and it was one of the main reasons for Istanbul’s cultural achievement.

And like other suburbs of the Asian region of Istanbul, the nature has spread in its full form, which is decorated with exotic colors.


| Uskudar region .. the land of investment and real estate |

Thanks to many factors, the Uskudar region has become a fertile land for investment

All those who are closely related to the basics of the economy, believe that the Uskudar region will acquire the most important and active geographical locations.

In addition to being overlooking the Bosphorus, the Üsküdar region is adjacent to areas of great importance in the Anatolian section of the city.

The area gives a majestic scene as you stand on the European side of the city, where you can see erect hills and towering mountains, from which emerge houses dressed in a bright folk and rural character, and among all this, high-rise buildings penetrate with elaborate architecture.

On one of the hills of Çamlica, the star of the largest mosque in Turkey emerged, and from the same site, the tallest tower in Istanbul was established.


Çamlica Tower
Çamlica Tower, the tallest tower in Istanbul, with a wonderful view from the European side

Uskudar region is bordered on the north by the Beykoz region, on the south by the Kadikoy region, on the southeast by the Ataşehir region, on the east by the Umraniye region, and on the west there are stories and novels called “The Bosphorus Strait”.

As you read the neighboring suburbs, you may be stunned, but this is the truth.. Uskudar district of Istanbul has the most important map in the city.

Therefore, the area won the top of the lists prepared for major construction companies, should they decide to establish a new housing project.

The area is adorned with the latest modern residential complexes..which are equipped with the highest standards of safety and security from natural disasters.

With all this, whoever owns a property in Uskudar, it is as if he owns a large area of ​​investment that generates abundant profits.


| Some of its shining landmarks |
The Escudar region has archaeological and natural landmarks, which made it a leader in the tourism field, most notably the Girl’s Tower.


girl’s tower
The Maiden’s Tower, enveloped in many legends, is undoubtedly the most important landmark of Istanbul

The legend has woven multiple accounts about it, the most famous of which is the one that says: “One of the former kings saw in a dream that his lonely one was bitten by a poisonous snake and died.

Therefore, he built this fortified tower in the open sea, so that dangerous snakes and rodents would not find any access to it.

One morning, the daily basket of food came to the girl, and no one had noticed that a snake had already crept into the basket, and it was bitten by the snake and then she died.”

The other famous teacher is the hill of Chamlaja. It is a series of 3 hills, one tall, one medium high, and the last short.

A beautiful garden is located on it overlooking the Bosphorus, which if it is a view of something, the value of this thing has increased.

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