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205 m2 to 251 m2.

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Here in this particular location within Kadikoy, you will enjoy being surrounded by water in the most beautiful Anatolian section of Istanbul.

If you have an apartment in the Elysium Elit project, this means lasting happiness for you and your family


Reasons why buying a property in this Elysium Elit project is a special opportunity?

1- The most excellent and desired location by everyone in Kadikoy,

which is a tourist place close to the Bosphorus.

2- Proximity to the main road and the Eurasia Tunnel,

where you will be able to reach the European side of Istanbul within minutes by car.

3- A residential project with a few housing blocks


and a greater focus on quality in construction and attention to detail.

4- Affordable prices in the Elysium Elite project,

and the possibility of obtaining apartments of various sizes suitable for large and small families.


Features and services of the project Elysium Elite

24/7 security
Surveillance cameras
open pool
indoor pool
Walking and hiking trails

The project Location

This project is located in the wonderful Kadikoy

district in the Anatolian or Asian side of Istanbul,

which is one of the most desirable areas in Istanbul,

think about it, you are at the border between Asia

and Europe where the Bosphorus, hiking and tourism areas in the Asian side will be at your disposal.


Transportation options in the project

Choose the means of transportation that suits

you if you live in Elysium Elite, there is the Metrobus line, which is only 5 minutes away from you, and there is the Marmaray

metro station on the opposite end of the road,

there are also subway stations that serve the Asian section of Istanbul.

Do not forget that there are buses, minibuses and buses, which are available for you in case you like to travel, and they are at reasonable prices.



The Elysium Elit project consists of two

residential blocks, one with a height of 15

floors and the other with a total height of only

7 floors. It was built on a land area of ​​10,000 square meters.

There are shops in the project within a commercial mall open to the outside of an area of ​​​​6500 square meters.

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