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Information about Kadikoy district in Asian Istanbul:

Investors have crawled hard to Kadikoy district in Asian

Istanbul due to its prosperous geographical location.

It is surrounded by Uskudar, Atasehir,

the largest financial centers in Istanbul,

and the privileged Maltepe region. From the west, it overlooks the charming Marmara Sea.

Thus, the region was able to reserve a

place in the ladder of ranking the most feasible investment regions.

As its entire area became a legitimate target for

all the investment forces that worked on

the growth and development of the region in real estate and construction.

It is also one of the most densely populated areas,

as it is inhabited by more than half a million people,

on an area of ​​42 square kilometers.

The area is home to the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul.

The most important of which is the archaeological station

of Haydarpasa, which has been dubbed “the greatest Ottoman dream.”

It was intended to transport passengers from Istanbul

to Baghdad, Damascus, Jerusalem and Medina.

Its infrastructure is developed and modern and served

with all the facilities that would provide a life of luxury

for the residents, from transport and transportation

lines to hospitals, schools and universities.

The area includes the most prominent investment and

commercial streets after Istiklal Street, located in the

Beyoglu district of European Istanbul, the ancient and famous “Baghdad” Street.

From a geographical point of view, the Asian part of

Istanbul is the most colorful part of the city.

It extends over bright green spaces,

It is a neighborhood rich in forests, trees and colorful

flowers, which decorate the general landscape of the area.

Not far from the style of the region,

Kadikoy region derives its beauty from the nature of

the Asian side in general.


Apartments in Kadikoy Complex


About the project | elite concept fikirtepe apartments in Kadikoy complex:

The project consists of 3 buildings with a total of 785

housing units and 26 commercial units.

The project has a smart home system, and a unique

design from the outside and inside.

The project is considered one of the finest Asian projects in Istanbul, suitable for housing and investment, and provides high-end sea views.

It is only two minutes from the Metrobus line and the E5 Street.

It is also just steps away from the metro and Acacia Mall.

At a distance of 9 minutes from the ancient Bosphorus.


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